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October  2011
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   Photos from Atlanta Workplace  




October Luncheon  
Topic: A look at the new Perkins + Will HQ 

Date: October 19  

Time: 11:30am 

Location: Cherokee Town Club 



New Member and Guest Breakfast    

Date: November 2  

Time: 7:30am 

Location: Maggiano's at Perimeter Mall 

Cost is free


Behind the Scenes Tour of Turner Field   

Date: November 3 

Time: 12pm

Location: Turner Field 

Cost is $15 for members, $20 for non-members


Educational Session: Best Practices for Optimizing Building Performance   

Date: November 10

Time: 10am - 3pm 

Location: Newcomb and Boyd

Cost: $25 for members, $35 for non-members, $10 for students 



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GA Tech Corner
assoc eventThe Georgia Tech Facility Management graduate program announces the offering of our Master of Science degree in Distance Learning format. Students from outside of Atlanta will now have access to the same learning offered on campus beginning in fall 2011. Course work is exactly the same, with Internet access to lectures, lessons, projects and exams.

If your company has locations outside of Atlanta, within Georgia, the U.S. or even internationally, your employees may be interested in this opportunity. Please contact our Graduate Recruiter, Brenda Morris at 404-385-7479 or for details on how to apply for the distance learning Integrated Facility Management degree. We hope to bring the world into our virtual classroom and expand knowledge of facility management worldwide. The Atlanta Chapter support for this program enables us to continue to expand and grow this program, which is one of only four internationally accredited programs in facility management at the graduate level. Thanks for supporting us and sharing this exciting expansion!


Prez Mast


As stated in the Facility Management Handbook (co-written by our own Kathy Roper, former Chapter President and current IFMA chair), facility management is defined as: "a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, places, process, and technology". When taking all this into account, it becomes clear how the Core Competencies of IFMA require facility managers to continually learn and seek educational avenues.

IFMA strives to meet these needs by way of their local Chapters and educational events. WWP, in October every year, is IFMA's primary conference. IFMA Atlanta offers many programs, tours, and other educational events, as well as the monthly luncheons. Atlanta Workplace, just held on 9/15, is the main educational event for the chapter each year. For those who attended, they received information and training to help them throughout the year as well as a fun event.

To support the goals of its members, the chapter has a board that guides and oversees administrative and financial components. These board members, as well as committee chairs. They contribute their time to assist the chapter. There is a continual need for more professional members to join IFMA and become committee chairs and members as well as board members. As the organization exists for the professionals, their involvement and input is most important. If we could add just a few professional members each year to contribute their time for the management of IFMA, we could continue with attaining the goals and initiatives that professionals are most interested in directing the chapter toward.

Being a part of IFMA is rewarding; ask the board members and committee chairs. It also offers a chance to grow and learn in ways not offered by just attending events. It can be an exciting learning experience. Please think about becoming more involved in the administration of the Chapter. You won't be disappointed!  

--Karen Howard, IFMA Atlanta Chapter President

Dekalb Office
Upcoming Events



What: IFMA October Luncheon "Telling the Story: Perkins+Will Office - 1315 Peachtree Street" 

When: October 19, 2011. 11:30-1:30

Where: Cherokee Town Club


Register Here!


Since 1991, Perkins+Will has been encouraging clients to use the LEED Rating Systems, meet the 2030 Challenge and push the boundaries of sustainable design and building performance. Very simply, their message has been, "good design is sustainable design." Perkins+Will started looking past LEED to more ambitious sustainability goals - looking broadly to the challenges of incorporating social responsibility, global perspectives and corporate transparency into achieving design excellence. Their corporate mission is built around these ideals. When it was time to design and build their own building, they asked themselves, how do we face those challenges and make sure our design connects with our corporate mission? How do we "walk the talk?"

In this case-based session, participants will learn how a multidisciplinary design firm connects their own corporate mission to the design work that they produce. The program will explore the design, evaluation and decision-making processes required to generate work which exemplifies design excellence, high-performance, social responsibility and financial soundness.  

CWC Corporate

Tour: Behind the Scenes at Turner Field

November 3, 2011 - 12pm

Cost: $15 for members, $20 for non-members  


On November 3 IFMA Atlanta is proud to host an exciting "Behind-the-Scenes" Turner Field Tour. The tour will begin promptly at 12:00, will be approximately 2 hours in duration and will include a "ballpark-style" lunch & a question/answer with Facility Manager, Dawn Gepfer. You can meet us starting at 11:30 in the Turner Field "courtyard" just outside the stadium OR in the museum behind the large #3 & #42. Parking is free in the Green Lot just across the street. 

This tour will be custom-tailored for our IFMA constituency, but will still include the most interesting parts of a professional baseball stadium tour!  


There is a small fee of $15 for members & $20 for non-members.
Register now (online) to reserve your spot! Deadline is Friday, October 28th  



Click here to register 

CH Briggs

Education Event: Best Practices for Optimizing Building Performance  

November 10, 2011 - 10am - 3:00pm

Cost: $25 for members, $35 for non-members, $10 for students 


In today's environment where new facility projects are few and far
between for most of us, what cost effective - i.e. reasonable Return
on Investment - things might be done to have a positive impact on the
performance of your company's existing facility assets?

This presentation delivered by four practicing professionals in the field
will cover the methods utilized to measure and improve performance
for building energy use, water use and interior environmental quality
including re- and retro-commissioning. The discussion by persons
representing the full spectrum of skills required for a successful program
will present suggested best practices in implementing a re-commissioning
or retro-commissioning program in a practical and cost effective way.

Join us on November 10, 2011 to learn about how you can add value to
your company through these best practices.



Click here to register

IFMA New Member & Guest Breakfast 11.02.11
CWC Dirtt
Past Events
Recap: Atlanta Workplace

Learning to Work Smarter, Not Harder!  

110915_IFMA AWP 087   

On August 15, IFMA Atlanta held its annual "Atlanta Workplace" event.  The agenda featured an opening note from IFMA First Vice Chair, Marc Liciardello and a fascinating keynote about the challenges of building strong cross-functional (and cross-cultural) teams from former NASA engineer Jim VanLaak.  In addition to those dynamic speakers, there were a number of panels on topics including disaster recovery, sustainability and facility planning.

Of course, this being an IFMA event, there was also a strong showing from our patrons, with a number of vendors present to give us information about their services.  And networking - there was lots of networking!  The event wrapped up with an auction to raise money for the IFMA Foundation.   

 I would like to express a personal thank you to Derek Jayson Rusch, Andrea Noland, Joanne Cole and the rest of the Atlanta Workplace committee. Without their efforts, this event would not have been a success.  

Click here to see other pictures from Atlanta Workplace 


--Joseph Geierman, CFM, FMP 


110915_IFMA AWP 005   




Recap: IFMA Advocacy Day in Washington DC



IFMA's annual advocacy day was on September 21, and 3 members of the Atlanta chapter participated in the lobbying effort at our nation's Capitol - including Gean Leyba, Dan Walther & Kathy Roper (in her role as IFMA chair). Dan and Gean each wrote a report on the effort (below).  


Dan's Report:


On Tuesday of last week, September 21, 2011, the IFMA Advocacy Day was in full swing in our nation's capitol. The Public Policy Forum in the morning provided support for many IFMA sponsored efforts within our industry.  This is my second participation in this event since last year, and I had the pleasure to attend last week with Gean Leyba.


As our very own Kathy Roper kicked off the "Public Policy Forum-Getting to a Sustainable Portfolio of Federal Facilities,"  we then heard from Congress members, Senators, and knowledge resources who shared information about the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010, High Performance Buildings, Predicting Outcomes of Maintenance and Repair Investments for Federal Facilities, and more.


And like last year, the IFMA hosts for the event scheduled meetings with all participating IFMA members from various states, and their respective representatives. The idea to motivate Congressmen/women and Senators to act at a local level, will then build from there and assist IFMA at a Federal level--and expectedly, at local level in time to come.


As Kathy, Gean, and I met with our local representative's assistants, all greeted us and warmly welcomed through their professional courtesies and attentiveness to the matters we shared within our industry, educational needs, etc.  


So the call to action is in front of us !  Would you help the country move forward in the FM Business ?


It's easy to contact your legislators-- access this link, type in your zip code and their contact info and email will appear. There is a generic form letter for all to use-or feel free to create your own.


Thanks Very Much for your efforts to move our initiatives forward.


Gean's Report:

Attending this years IFMA Advocacy Day for the first time opened my eyes to the fantastic work that IFMA is doing. We met with our representative from Georgia as well as other states representatives throughout the two day event. We had Jeff Johnson, Director of Government Affairs, IFMA and Jim Wise with Pace LLP educate, train and help the FM's that attended this event to feel comfortable about the purpose of IFMA Advocacy Day and about the key initiative that we are working on with congress.  


Some of the highlights that we shared with our state representatives were the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010, asked for their support on the Civilian Property Realignment Act, the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, requested for them to join the High Performance Building Congress Caucus and continuing the funding for the GSA Office of High Performance Federal Green Buildings. We covered a lot of topics in two days and IFMA Advocacy Day next year is looking to get bigger in attendance from this year as we are making a difference by being involved with IFMA Advocacy Day and the response that are getting is supportive to our agenda.  


Having Dan Walther attending this year again helped me to learn the ropes which helped me to work my way through the halls of congress literally. Dan and I had an amazing time going around to the Georgia representatives with Kathy Roper on the second day to share with them what IFMA Advocacy is all about and to ask for there support. We heard about hall way chats and possible cancelled appointments due to the tight schedules that each office has but we did not experience any of this. We sat with representatives from the offices of Congressman Tom Price, Senator Johnny Isakson and Senator Saxby Chambliss. The five minute chats ended up being 15 minutes to a half where the representatives asked what we wanted to share about our initiative and to get to know us as IFMA members and constituents.

This was a great opportunity and an honor to represent the Atlanta IFMA Chapter and it is something that we should all experience in our lifetime. But since the time is limited I could only suggest that you all get involved by visiting the Action Center on the IFMA website. We may be Atlanta but we are all a part of a bigger picture and a few minutes of your time on the IFMA site to learn about the work that we are doing as IFMA members is leaps beyond tomorrow or just Georgia.

See more pictures from Advocacy Day here! 

Recap: IFMA Community Services Lunch & Learn 





The topic of the summer quarterly IFMA Atlanta Lunch and Learn for Nonprofits, held on August 11 at Hendrick, was Emergency Disaster Planning. Larry Fried with SERVPRO of Chamblee/Dunwoody, a Council-Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, instructed participants on how to prepare  an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) to expedite recovery from an emergency - fire, flood, or other natural or man-made disaster. The ERP contains all the information a facility manager needs to  respond quickly to a disaster. SERVPRO provides the service of working with a facility manager to prepare the ERP at no charge. Anyone interested, nonprofit or commercial, may contact Larry Fried for information:, 770-396-3883.


The Nonprofit Lunch and Learn program is held quarterly by the Community Services Committee, Rick Yarbrough (T.L. Gowin & Co., Inc.) and Emily Perry (Harris Perry), Chairs, and is open to all nonprofit organizations. Our thanks to Jim Ferguson of Hendrick for providing our venue and to Coordinators Renee Bonnell (Chosen Enterprises) and Debbie Wiggins (RooterPLUS)

Call for Volunteers - Subject Matter Experts


IFMA launched a major education initiative to define the practice of facility management from a truly global perspective by conducting the most comprehensive Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey in IFMA's history. Based on the JTA, updated competency statements were written and efforts have been underway to fully integrate the results into IFMA's education programs.


With the successful completion of the revised FMP credential and the creation of the SFP specialty credential, the IFMA Education Department is now preparing for the next cycle of content development. This next phase will focus on developing a summary level Body of Knowledge for the additional six competency areas which will in turn be used in a variety of ways, including new preparatory materials for those who plan to sit for the revised CFM Exam anticipated to be released in mid- 2013.


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will play an important part in this process, sharing their facility management knowledge and expertise by working with instructional design professionals to ensure content quality. If you would be interested in volunteering to serve as a SME for this project or any future project IFMA may be developing, please read the information and complete the application located here.

Interested in contributing an article - or even in joining the Newsletter committee?  If so, then contact our Newsletter Committee Chair, Joseph Geierman, at