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World WorkPlace 2009
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As I am driving back from World Work Place 2009, I find the experience has served to energize and re-ignite the excitement I have of being part of a worldwide effort of influence and changing trends in the built environment.  The experience makes one realize that we are not just local chapter members but part of a riding wave of unprecedented global changes emerging in the facility management profession that is both exhilarating and humbling at the same time.
The week began with the Annual Meeting and House of Delegates session in which several developments were shared, discussed and voted on which I'd like to share with the chapter this month.  It was in those meetings that we learned about the far-reaching, dynamic efforts and influence of the organization that we are an integral part of.
In the past year, IFMA International revised their 2010 Vision to a new 2020 Vision that will bring about some very significant changes for our national organization.  The 2020 Vision on the Strategy Map, authored by our own Atlanta member, John Magee, last year's Chairman of the Board, encompasses 3 new main objectives:
Community Connectivity - In 2008-09, IFMA brought the association a strong presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Flicker, and Twitter.  And, for the first time brought integrated social media into World Work Place, shooting video of the conference and uploading them to the sites in real time.
Volunteer Resources Optimization - 2008-09 also brought along the formation of IFMA's Emerging Leaders Task Force.  The group's goal is to promote a network of new facility management professionals. (Be sure to check out the Atlanta Chapter website for information on our own Young Professionals committee). 
Quick Fact: did you know that four of our own Georgia Tech FM Accredited degree program students won scholarships from the IFMA Foundation and that one of them also won the International e-Poster contest?
Sustainable Leadership - The most substantial change in the 2020 Vision was the urgency to reflect concern for the environment and the decision that sustainability must be included on the Strategy Map and how this concern reflects all other strategies - global influence, community, sustainability and operational excellence.  To that end, they have incorporated three new initiatives; the creation of a Sustainability Knowledge Center, the creation of a Sustainability Credential and development of a study for possible addition of environmental stewardship and sustainability core competency and lastly, the development of a statement of the association's position on sustainability.  As Andrew Winston, our keynote speaker and co-author of Green to Gold told us, "...Environmental issues have unequivocally climbed to the public agenda.  For business, this means that many stakeholders, in particular customers and employees, are hearing the Green message everywhere and growing more concerned.  Second, the media interest in the environment represents a vote of confidence in the green economy and in the likelihood that the Green Wave will not subside any time soon."
Additionally, IFMA created a job task analysis for a global CFM credential at a three day meeting with representatives from 10 countries.  The result is the upcoming addition of 2 new core competencies - Human and Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity and Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability.  To follow will be major updates and a re-evaluation of the FMP make-up in Phase I.  Phase II will include the update and development of these new core competencies as well as an update of the CFM Review and exam material.  And lastly, they will have a call for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and begin development of an IFMA-wide SME Database for future projects, including the revamp of all the core competencies.
On the national, international and political front, Dave Brady, IFMA's President and CEO, spends 3-4 days every month in Washington, D.C., working with the government relations committee, the Department of Defense and the State Department.  Did you know that IFMA now has a representative in every embassy in the world?  They also have formed a SPOC, a Strategic Planning Oversite Committee to ensure alignment with the IFMA core values.  IFMA International has formed collaborative relationships with 12 participating organizations, including BOMA, AIA, IIDA, ASID, SAME, ASHRAE and USBGC.  In February, they joined the High Performance Building Partnership Consortium of leading organizations from the building community that seeks to provide guidance and technical expertise in sustainability issues as part of the US Department of Energy's Building Technology Program.
There are so many more initiatives (from multiple research papers, collaborations on Capitol Hill, Professional Development and Education enhancement) that it is awe-inspiring to know that we, as the 5th largest chapter in North America and Europe, are a vital part of such a dynamic organization.
And what is most exciting of all is that in October of 2010, it will all be delivered right to our doorstep at World Work Place Atlanta!  So be Proud, be Awe-Struck, be Excited - for the year to come!  And be on the lookout for more news about World Work Place 2010 in the months to come.

November Atlanta Chapter of IFMA Luncheon
November 18th 
 1420 Room
11:30am - 1:30pm
Topic: "Real Estate"
  Multiple Speakers 
The employees are gone,
but the furniture is still here! 

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 November 3 
 Sustainability Breakfast
 7:00 am -8:30 am 
Greengard Institute
 November 17 
 FM Job Club
11:00 am - 1:00 pm 
1st Management

November 18 
 November Luncheon
11:30 am - 1:00pm 
1420 Room
November 19 
 Nonprofit Lunch & Learn
11:30 am - 1:00 pm 

December 15 
 FM Job Club
 11:30 am - 1:00 pm 
1st Management
December 16 
 IFMA Luncheon
11:30 am - 1:00 pm 
Atlanta Botanical Garden
Community Corner
This month has been a good month for the community service committee as we held our Lunch and Learn for Non-profits on the subject of Plumbing.   We had 17 non-profits represented as they learned the different things necessary to maintain their plumbing system.  Thanks to Troutman Sanders, McKenny's, and S. Bryan Benedict, of Humphries and Company for their assistance with the lunch and learn. Our next lunch and learn is set for November at COMPUCREDIT with Mayberry Electric presenting.  This should be a great learning opportunity for the partners and other non-profits we are engaging.
Regarding our partners; they continue to work on their preventative maintenance plan.  The community service committee is still in search of professional members to be co-leads with several of the current partners.  If you would like more information, please contact me, Dave Woelber (contact info at end of article) - we would love to have you as part of our team.  The amount of time for this involvement varies from time to time and from organization to organization. 
Special thanks go to Alan Jones, Rick Yarbrough, and Andy Hoover, for they assisted with Community Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta's search for a new warehouse. Emily Perry, Mike Bowers, and Homestretch for their development of an excellent goal tracking form.  Thanks to all the Community Service Committee Volunteers.  We are looking forward to a great year of mentoring and partnership.
Tools and Toys Holiday Drive!
For the upcoming December Luncheon, we are excited to be recognizing our non-profit partners and once again be holding a toy drive.  The toy drive gives us the opportunity to give back to the community. Additionally, since a couple of those organizations are in need of some tools - we will also be accepting tool donations.  If you want to get an early start on shopping, here are a few of the types of items we will like to have donated:
Infant to Preschool toys:
Especially multi cultural dolls
Art supplies
Here are the twelve tools of Christmas.

1.       Dewalt Cordless drill kit 18V  (DC720KA)
2.       Palm Sander DEWALT D26441K  sheet
3.       Pole Saw
4.       Mortar Hoe (looks like a regular hoe but has two holes in it)
5.       Water Cooler 5 Gal
6.       Pruning Saw, folding 
7.       Tarp (no larger than 10 x 12)
8.       Sanding Block
9.       Paint Scraper
10.   Utility Knife (retractable)
11.   Hand Weeder
12.   Paint Can Hook
If you are interested in joining the community services committee, meetings are held the Friday before the third Wednesday of each month at Hendrick, Inc.  Contact Dave Woelber at  for more details.

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Previous Events
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 oct lunch 4  oct lunch 2

 09  October Luncheon
Green|The New Black
Overview by Chris Torchia

To continue on track with IFMA Atlanta's dedication to sustainable practices, October's Luncheon posed this question:  Is it easy being green? With a full house at Villa Christina, our experienced panel provided knowledge of both the challenges and the rewards for implementing Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Plans within existing facilities.
Moderated by Julian Tablada, HOK, with presenters Rochelle Routman from Georgia Power, Liz York of the CDC and Ed Brownlee from Turner Properties, several scenarios for creating sustainable practices in existing facilities were offered. The cohesive message from the three presenters was that going green is not just about recycling but should be approached as a means to develop social, environmental and economic sustainability.   
Through the CDC's program "Go Green Get Healthy", Liz explained how the employees fostered a grass roots approach to environmental responsibility that carries over from the work environment into the surrounding local communities. Part of this program is the "Take a Walk" guide, providing employees with a walking map to promote community connectivity and encouraging employees to get up and get out.  Rochelle gave us insight into Georgia Power's continued support for research and development of alternative energies like Solar and Biomass. Georgia Power recently took on the challenge of implementing a recycling program throughout their remote offices and plants. By utilizing empty equipment trucks to bring recycling waste to a central recycling center on return trips Georgia Power has saved $90,000 in just the first year. At Turner, Ed worked with his team to develop a plan to divert unwanted video tapes from the landfills. By developing an innovative recycling plan this program has become a profit center for Turner.
The presenters drove home the point that every industry, every company and every individual can make a difference. By understanding the challenge, engaging the team and being innovative in the solution it is possible and profitable to Go Green.
The IFMA Programs Committee would like to thank our presenters for an outstanding presentation and panel discussion with special thanks to Lindsey Bradshaw for her behind the scenes work in developing this program and assembling the panel. For further information about the presenters and the programs mentioned please follow the links above. 
We look forward to seeing you at the November Luncheon where the topic will be:
"The Employees Are Gone, But the Furniture is Still Here"
Chris Torchia, LEED AP is an IFMA member, first time Programs
Committee member and Project Manager with idea|span

Atlanta Botanical Gardens Scarecrows
 in the Garden
It was truly a special treat to spend the evening at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Scarecrows in the Garden and experience the behind the scenes tour.

IFMA Atlanta got an in depth tour of the facilities guided by one of our own Christy Jellets, who is part of the Facility Management Team who keeps the Gardens looking as beautiful as ever.

IFMA members enjoyed a personalized tour where we learned how hard it is to care for some of these rare plants and frogs. The big treat from behind the scenes had to be the Amphibian Breeding Program where we learned about the frog lab which houses, frogs native to Central and South America and the importance of maintaining a positive population and reintroduction program of frogs within these regions.

The other cool behind the scenes tour topic was the Tissue Culture Lab which works with cloning and propagation of a wide range of plants. This truly spins the phrase "planting a seed" into a new dimension of plant growing. What a "Green Thumb" process.

On the main tour we learned about the climate controls systems that are in place from the humidity controls, arboretum controls, all the way down to the opening and closing of the ceiling glass window to adjust the temperature and keeping the air maintained to provide the environment needed for the plants life to "grow" so beautiful year round. Another interesting item on the tour was to understand the different levels of preventative maintenance that is required for every indoor and outdoor section of this wonderful garden.

On a Halloween note, all of the scarecrows were on display throughout the park, some of them very scary, and most made out of recycled materials. This is a must see for families of all ages among the IFMA members who could not attend.

To top off a great tour we got to experience beverages of choice which include a celebration of Fest-of-ale event offer unique ale's as well as a nice jazz band which could be heard throughout the park tour.

IFMA World Workplace, Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
October 6 thru 9, 2009

wwp1  wwp2

"The Youniversal Facility Management Experience"  theme focused on overcoming and outlasting any business challenge in today's Global Economy.
Although I have been to many prior World Workplace Events, this year's was very different in that major emphasis was on the topics of "Green" and "Sustainability"" from beginning to end.  As evidence, the "Green Zone" in the Exhibit Hall has grown to 50% of the booths, where organizations and vendors were displaying the latest sustainable products, services and resources.  Perhaps this contributed to the Atlanta Chapter being awarded the "best pin", since ours was the only "green" pin as it was made from Georgia pine.
WWP began with The Keynote Speaker Andrew Winston presenting "green-based strategies to innovate and profit ", he is author of and provided time to autograph his book "Green to Gold" for attendees. Then followed a range of individual sessions, and since I am working on attaining my LEED EB Accreditation, I was probably more attentive to the Sustainable Education Sessions offered, so attended most of those which were excellent.  And of course, I attended the IFMA Foundation Gala, CFM Reception and Foundation Scholarship Reception where many of the Atlanta Chapter members were present.
On the networking and fun side, the Atlanta Chapter Attendees enjoyed the social hours each day sponsored by Flood Brothers and Royal Cup.  Many of us also attended the Reception at the Universal Resort, the Trilogy FM Party at the "Ice Bar" and the Cort Party at the "Hawlin in the Night".  (Ask some of the other Chapter Attendees for "details"!). 
Thank you so much IFMA Atlanta for sponsoring my attendance as I could not have participated otherwise this year!

Clara M. Smith, CFM
VP Professional Development

 World Workplace 2009

World Workplace is sometimes referred to as WWP.  But after attending my first WWP in Orlando I think it should be known as WOW.  It would be hard to attend WWP and participate in all the available activities and not come away reenergized and enthusiastic about the Facility Management profession. My first World Workplace experience began by attending the House of Delegates/annual meeting and listening to a discussion on the state of affairs of IFMA.  In these tough economic times it is promising to know that there is a dedicated group of IFMA leaders working hard to keep the association strong and growing.

Fund raising is always an important part of any organization and the IFMA Foundation Gala at B B King's Blues Bar sure was a fun way to help in the important task of raising money.  As a matter of fact there were a lot of fun things to do during WWP such as the CFM Reception hosted by IFMA International, the Welcome Reception held at Universal Studios and the famous parties hosted by Cort and Millicare.  And the evening Hospitality Suite sponsored by Flood Brothers and Royal Cup Coffee made it easy to reconnect with the rest of the Atlanta crew to discuss the day's events and plan for the night time activities.  But it wasn't just about having a good time.

Attending the Expo and visiting with the hundreds of vendors was also a very rewarding experience.  Talking with the top vendors in the industry and seeing their latest and greatest ideas and products was worth the price of admission by its self.  Plus they give away a lot of neat trinkets.

It was hard to choose which of the educational sessions to attend as they all offered a chance to hear information on the important issues of our industry.   The ones I did attend were well presented and provided a lot of good information.  It was particularly interesting to hear how the Smithsonian Institution has increased the credibility of Facility Management within their organization by creating a Facility Strategic Plan.

And then there was the pin trading.  The Atlanta Chapter pin, made from recycled Georgia pine, won the Pin of the Year competition and was highly sought after.  I think I got the award for the most distant pin with one from the Sydney, Australia IFMA chapter.
I want to thank the Atlanta Chapter for sponsoring my attendance to this exciting event and really look forward to attending the 2010 WWP in Atlanta next year.  It is going to be hard to top this year's event, but I know Atlanta will make it one to remember.

Keith Mathison, CFM
IFMA New Member/Guest Orientation
The IFMA New Member/Guest Orientation was held on October 22nd at Maggiano's in Buckhead.  This year we decided to do a catered breakfast instead of the typical noon or after-hours program. The Orientation was a huge success! We had forty-three people in attendance, fourteen of which were guests who are all very interested in joining our chapter. Oct New Member Breakfast

The event started at 7:30 with networking and delicious breakfast. Joanne Cole, IFMA Atlanta President, gave a brief presentation on the benefits of being an IFMA member and also on the committees that IFMA has to offer.  She encouraged new members to get involved by joining a committee. She explained that by doing so you will build and develop relationships with other members of the IFMA Atlanta Chapter, therefore getting your Return on Investment.
I am happy to announce that membership is up from last month and I feel confident in saying that the membership will continue to grow as this event was a remarkable success.  Thanks to all of those who attended and helped make this event possible!
IFMA Sustainability Breakfast 
On Tuesday, September 29, IFMA members converged upon CNN Center for one of our regular sustainability breakfasts.  It was a very interesting conversation, covering the many energy improvements made by Turner's staff over the past decade.  By using innovative techniques like building simulation techniques and dual fuel chillers, Turner has managed to save $10,505,670 between 1998 and 2008! At the same tour, we also listened to Jim Lindenmayer from Greenco speak to us about the Zero Waste initiative in the downtown area - which encourages business in that district to reuse or recycle waste rather than send it to a landfill.  Turner is involved in the project, and it seems to have a lot of potential! 
A huge thanks to Ed Brownlee for hosting us and giving so much food for thought & to Lani Terry for organizing the event!
Upcoming Events
IFMA Sustainability Breakfast (Facility Managers Only)
November 3, 2009 -7AM-8:30AM
GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
2211 Newmarket Parkway, Suite #110
Marietta, GA 30067
We will be given a  tour of Air Quality Sciences Laboratories and Facility along with those of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (LEED-CI - Gold).  Paul with share with the group about their testing processes.  Followed by a session of sharing best practices by the Facility Managers.
Limited to 25 facility managers.
Cost: Free
Register here
IFMA Atlanta Lunch Presentation - November 18, 2009
Competency:  Real Estate
Program Title:  "The Employees Are Gone, But the Furniture is Still Here"
Speakers: various
Moderators: Merri Anne Pfeffer, CFM, CompuCredit
Stewart Smith, Great American Floors
Come join us for the November Monthly Luncheon as we open the floor up for discussions on a topic that many Facility Managers face today.....downsizing!  Hear from other Facility Managers and industry experts their ideas, insights and perspectives on the challenges everyone faces in today's unpredictable work force.  You will hear from professionals in real estate, design and furniture as well as the insights of a CFM dealing with a 75% reduction in their employee base.
Today's economy has brought new and unique challenges to the Facility Manager and we want to hear what you have to say as we each look for innovative and timely solutions to a trend that has everyone saying  "The employees are gone but the furniture is still here...."

Learning Objectives:
Managing the disposition of leased or owned property and assets.
Evaluating the effects of economic changes on real estate assets.
Managing the real estate portfolio.

Register Here

November Non-profit Facility Lunch and Learn

Date: November 19, 2009
Time: 11:30 to 1:00PM
Cost: $15.00 - covers lunch and education

Location: CompuCredit, Five Councourse Parkway, Building Five, 8th floor, Atlanta
Electrical Preventive Maintenance - How not to get zapped!!
Presented by Mayberry Electric
November 19th's non-profit lunch and learn will focus on how to maintain and increase the useful life of your electrical systems.  We will learn how to maintain interior and exterior fixtures and outlets, electrical main and sub panel boards, ground fault interrupter's, bathroom/kitchen/office/'production' equipment, and more.  Operate more safely, serve more clients, and SAVE MONEY by maintaining these critical systems.  Register Here.
Call Andy Hoover with any questions...
Andy Hoover
The BEST Consultant, Inc.
Cell: 678-793-1159
Office: 678-200-7648

Sustaining Patron Profile
hopkins logo 

Walter Hopkins Company (WHC) has been servicing Georgia and Alabama for 40 years.  Service, creative co-authored solutions, professional business practices, and quality work have always been a part of who we are and we believe why we are still a thriving healthy company today.  We are industry experts in providing ways to store and manage stuff (paper, folders, files, football equipment, cassettes, weapons, artifacts, small and large parts, art, deed books, book collections, narcotics, evidence, reagents, tools, and just about anything else that needs to be stored).  WHC has successfully installed over 10,000 high density (Spacesaver) storage systems and provided many other related services and products to our wide variety of customers.  WHC is a charter member of the Spacesaver Group and has consistently ranked as one of the top five Area Contractors nationwide since 1972.
WHC understands user safety and compliance to local and national codes.  Our vertical markets include healthcare, finance, education, government, legal, manufacturing, library, museum, military, law enforcement, and many more.
We also offer steel and laminate modular casework.  Besides Spacesaver we partner with Hanel, Smead, FileTrail (RFID), and IOPC Modular Millwork.  WHC and our partners support the green initiatives many of our customers want today and we are capable of providing environmentally based solutions.

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