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March 2012
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   Photos from the February Luncheon 

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March Monthly Meeting
March 21
Clean Air Campaign - CAC and our Diesel Idle Reduction Program

Ponce City Market Tour
April 12   

IFMA Atlanta Spring Classic
April 19
Tennis, Golf, Wine Cruise and Awards Dinner. Early registration deadline April 1st.


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As the Atlanta Chapter has grown, it requires more and more members to do the work. We have committee chairs, officers, International liaisons, and many others who help out through each year.

Many times, this work is done by Associate members. These people want to help as they have become a part of IFMA because of a business incentive. Many of these members find they become better at understanding the facility manager's needs from:

  • The luncheon programs and tours.
  • Conversations while working together on IFMA with a Professional member.
  • WWP attendance
Luckily, IFMA Atlanta has had, and continues to have, a strong involvement with some wonderful leaders who are Professional members. These people have continued to guide the chapter toward more FM related goals and International viewpoints. This has helped our chapter to grow and stand out. The people who have done this can make attest that this has been beneficial to them and the chapter. The following reasons are some of the reasons given as to why Professionals should get involved:
  • Improve their network; help them do their job better.
  • Increase their profile within the profession; more career opportunities.
  • Advance the profession in general; more job security.
  • Help create and plan events that appeal to more Professionals.

As volunteering is an unpaid involvement that continues only if there are substantiated reasons to do so, it's clear many people have agreed over the years that there are reasons to volunteer for IFMA. IFMA Atlanta can use your help. We need eager volunteers but we especially need Professionals who can the benefit the chapter, bring value to the profession, and further their careers. Please consider involvement, perhaps by way of audio conferences, email, etc. In person meetings and personal attendance is not always required to do the work or be involved. Let's keep our chapter growing and on track to stay strong!


Karen Howard, IFMA Atlanta Chapter President

Upcoming Events



Subject: Environmental Air Quality
When: Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Time: 11:30am-2:30pm
Where: Villa Christina, 1400 Summit Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319
RSVP: March 16 404-766-1632, ext 25 or 



As traffic congestion increases and federal air quality standards tighten, employers hold more responsibility than ever to reduce their carbon footprint. How do Facility Managers meet sustainability goals while keeping their commitment to a company's bottom line? 



Allie Giel, Commuter Services Coordinator; Sadler Croft, Employer Program Manager; Kenyon Thweatt, Senior Program Employer Manager, Diesel Idle Reduction Program Manager, all with the Clean Air Campaign 


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Tour - Ponce City Market

April 12, 2012


Ponce City Market has officially closed for construction and will reopen in 2014 with retail, restaurants, office, condos and apartments. This is terrific time to see the details of this great building before it is completed.

Ponce City Market is a prominent and historic Southern icon, a local landmark on the cusp of evolving into the vibrant centerpiece of four dynamic Atlanta communities, and a regional beacon of retail, office and residential activity.

Formerly City Hall East and before that the Sears building, Ponce City Market, a two million square-foot structure, is an adaptive reuse development that when revitalized will house a mix of retail, dining, office and residential space. A landmark structure at the crossroads of Midtown, Poncey Highland, Old Fourth Ward and Virginia Highland, situated along the Atlanta BeltLine transit corridor, Ponce City Market is perfectly positioned to become a hub among its neighboring communities, and a vibrant reflection of the diversity that makes each of those neighborhoods authentic and distinct.


The Sears, Roebuck and Co. building played a vital part in creating community within Atlanta after opening in 1926. Ponce City Market plans to renew that spark by providing a space that houses the best in local and national retail and food.


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Past Events

February Luncheon Recap: Connected "Smart" Buildings


120215_IFMA 084


Will Winn, a principal at Smartcore, spoke at the last luncheon about the emerging "Connected" building and how it will change the way space is built out and managed.

New Career Mentoring Program Launched
By Joe Carroll, Chair, Career Services Committee
The IFMA-Atlanta chapter has officially launched a Career Mentoring Program. This program enables one person (the Mentor) to facilitate the development of another person (the Mentee) by sharing skills, expertise, perspectives, and guidance.  This program can have a powerful and positive impact on chapter members in many ways.  According to one survey, seventy-five percent of executives stated that mentoring played a key role in their careers. Giving your time and talent in helping fellow members move along in their professional development is a worthy endeavor.  Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."  While we encourage members to volunteer as Mentors, we will also be actively recruiting potential Mentors based on the needs of the Mentees.  Of course, there must be a good fit between the Mentor and the Mentee. Shown below is an outline of the program. 

What is a Mentor?
A mentor is an experienced facilities management professional who can provide professional advice and guidance to students and less experienced facilities management professionals to help them attain professional certifications and advance their professional growth. Mentors must be a chapter member, have at least 5 years experience as a facilities management professional, and be willing to commit one year to the program.
There are several benefits to being a Mentor:
A. Receive 10 CFM maintenance points per year.
B. Re-energizes the mentor's career.
C. Satisfaction of mentoring another FM professional seeking advice, career guidance, credentialing status and enhancing their professional and career potential.
D. Raising the distinction of the designation into the Atlanta Business Market.
E. Recognition from the Atlanta Chapter as a Chapter Mentor.

What is a Mentee?
A Mentee is a facilities management professional seeking advice and guidance from an experienced, certified facilities management professional in order to advance his or her professional growth and/or to attain certification(s). Mentees must be a chapter member (professional) and be willing to commit one year to the program.
There are several benefits to being a Mentee:
A. A mentor will help you to achieve certification.
B. A mentor will help you in areas concerning your professional growth.
C. Will improve your problem solving, listening skills, communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities and leadership skills.
D. Meet colleagues with varied experiences, skills and contacts.
E. Network with others in your field.
F. Become a future mentor for other professionals.

How Does The Program Work?


A. The Chair of the Career Services Committee serves as the Mentoring Program Manager (MPM).
B. The MPM will receive requests for mentors and mentees and will seek to make appropriate matches.
C. Prospective mentors and mentees must submit a registration form to the MPM.
D. The MPM will monitor the progress of the program on an on-going basis and will provide periodic reports to the Chair of the Professional Development Committee.
E. The MPM will seek ways to promote the program throughout the chapter.
This program will only be as good as the people who support it.  I would encourage you to get involved and heed the words of John Crosby who once said:  "Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."  To get involved, please contact either Joe Carroll or Clara Smith.  Their contact information is shown below.

For More Information Contact:


Joe Carroll     404-582-8859,
Clara Smith   678-438-1756,
IFMA Foundation Corner

There continues to be a strong interest in facility management education as it relates to sustainability and the implementation of energy saving techniques. The IFMA Foundation, with support from IFMA's Sustainability Committee, is producing a series of white papers to respond to this need for information.


The Atlanta Chapter of IFMA is pleased to sponsor the latest white paper in the "How To" guide on Carbon Footprint by Dr. Sharon Jaye from the The Westminister Schools.

The general objective of these guides will be to provide data and information associated with a wide range of subjects related to sustainability. Readers will view examples of successfully implemented sustainable practices and will learn to develop a business case and ROI analysis for sustainability.


Each guide will be 25-35 pages long and will contain numerous charts, tables and sidebars with quotes and links. While there is no fixed production schedule for the white papers, it is expected that there may be as many as 12 produced and posted to over the next year.


As a member of IFMA, please know that white papers are FREE of charge.


GA Tech Corner



David Hohenstern
Spotlight on David Hohenstern, FM Graduate Student

3 question interview with new graduate student in the School of Building Construction

1. Prior to starting the BC&FM master's program in January, you spent seven years working in the Georgia Governor's Office, what led you to start grad school at Tech? My interest in construction, renovations, real estate, asset management, and buildings in general has steadily grown over many years, and as I sought to transition from public service into the private sector, I did not merely want to find a new job but a diverse and challenging profession.  The broad umbrella of the FM track at Tech was very appealing as it offers a strong toolkit for anyone seeking a career in the built environment.

2. What has stood out the most in your experience thus far in the master's program?  The professors are excellent and are all working professionals in the BC & FM sector.  Their expertise, accessibility, and willingness to engage their students has really impressed me and has definitely reaffirmed my decision to enroll.  I'm where I'm meant to be.


3. What would be most helpful with your education in the Integrated Facility Management program? In addition to the coursework and the guidance of my professors, an internship will be key in starting my new career.  I am eager to gain the invaluable, hands-on work experience in the field that only an internship can give.




Interested in contributing an article - or even in joining the Newsletter committee?  If so, then contact our Newsletter Committee Chair, Joseph Geierman, at